A Fully Accredited Online High School


Returning To High School After Dropping Out

High school dropout rates are falling across the united states, and many dropouts are earning their high school diplomas online as adults. The online high school program for adults offers older students the ability to complete an accredited high school diploma instead of being forced to earn a GED.

Online High Schools Have No Age Limit

You can complete your high school courses online, regardless of how old you are: Students can be 17 or 70! The online experience makes it easy for students of all ages to earn their high school diploma, and they won’t be judged for being older than the rest of the class. The educational options for high school students 18 and over have increased greatly, thanks to accredited online high school programs.

Self-Paced Courses To Work Around Your Busy Schedule

If you’re a working adult, you know how hard it is to make everything fit into your weekly schedule. The Adult High School Program from Giant Campus Academy offers a self-paced curriculum, so you can study when you have time, regardless of how busy your schedule is. Adult students are particularly busy, many have full time jobs and families of their own, so scheduling conflicts are a way of life. The virtual classroom allows students to study whenever they can, and from any location with an internet connection.

Test Through Subjects You Already Know

A self-paced curriculum can provide additional studying time to students who need it, but most importantly it can allow students who’ve already mastered a concept to test through subjects. This testing method saves adult students weeks of coursework and allows them to focus only on the concepts that are new to them. Each course is broken up into sections and subsections, and each subsection includes a pre-test that will allow an adult high school student to progress quickly through familiar topics.

Enroll in an Adult Online High School Program

If you want to learn more about enrolling in Giant Campus Academy’s Adult Online High School, call our admissions specialists at (888) 727-2498, email admissions@parkcityindependent.com, or complete the admissions contact form on the right side of the page.