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Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct

Giant Campus Academy is a school based on the foundation of courtesy and respect for each student and instructor. Our code of conduct is designed to foster and encourage the highest standards of honor, integrity, and morality. Students accepted in our program must commit to abiding by the Student Code of Conduct found in our student handbook. Compliance with these rules and policies will ensure that students learn in an environment free from harassment, negative attitudes, and offensive actions.

Etiquette Standards

Communication between students and instructors is achieved through various ways, including phone calls, live chat, e-mail, and web conferences. Inappropriate communication of any kind is strictly prohibited. Vulgar, profane, insulting or derogatory comments will not be tolerated. All communication between instructors and students must be professional and respectful. In the event that the student is found in violation of this rule, the parent/guardian will be notified and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is expected on all courses, assignments and activities. Violations of academic integrity include plagiarism, cheating, fabrication or falsification of information submitted on projects, assignments, papers, or exams. Infractions of this policy will not be tolerated and will be dealt with on an individual basis. The penalties for plagiarism and cheating are as follows:

  • First Offense: Student receives a warning and the assignment is reset

  • Second Offense: Student automatically fails the assignment with no chance to retake

  • Third Offense: Student automatically fails the course

After each offense, the parent/guardian will be notified via email. A follow-up phone call to discuss any questions or concerns may take place. Each offense is per student, not per course, and each student will only receive two warnings before they receive a failing grade.

Students may not claim another person’s work as his or her own, or use unauthorized materials to gain advantage during assignments or testing. Assessments and assignments are only constructive when they are based on a student’s original work. Only original work is useful to both the student and the educators. Avoid academic dishonesty and misconduct in all its forms.

Situations of Suspension or Expulsion

In the event that suspension or expulsion is necessary under school policies, tuition fees are not refundable. Giant Campus Academy makes every effort to work with students regarding policy violations. A suspension or expulsion from Giant Campus Academy will only occur under extreme circumstances, and only after the student has been given fair warning.

Appeal Process

Appeal Process for Academic Action and Resolving Academic Grievance

Students believing they received an unfair grade may appeal the decision by submitting a letter of appeal to the administration, requesting that the case be presented before the Academic Board. An Academic Board decision will be given within thirty (30) days.

Appeal Process for Suspension or Expulsion

In the event that a student is suspended or expelled and the student wishes to appeal the decision, a formal letter must be submitted to the school, outlining the student’s desire to appeal, stating the reason for the appeal and any extenuating circumstances leading up to the suspension or expulsion. The submission of an appeal does not guarantee acceptance. All appeals will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Inappropriate Internet Activities

Giant Campus Academy does not condone, nor is responsible for any inappropriate use of the Internet.