A Fully Accredited Online High School


About Giant Campus Academy

Giant Campus Academy was established in 2003 to provide an online alternative to traditional high school education.

We are a Fully Accredited school through Cognia. Our curriculum has been recognized for promoting and maintaining a well-balanced education program and for meeting or exceeding standards considered essential for quality education.

Letter from the Administrator

Dear Students and Prospective Families,

Thank you for your interest in Giant Campus. Our school was founded on the belief that every student is an individual
deserving of respect and understanding. Regardless of your background or future goals, we know that the path is
curved and uneven. We’re here to help you straighten it out and point you in the right direction.

With a variety of course options and diploma tracks, we can get you where you’re going. Our approach serves a
diverse population of students ranging from at-risk to honors. For students who have struggled in a traditional setting,
we offer a credit recovery approach that allows them to close the gaps more quickly and get a diploma. For students
who have felt held back, year-round schooling and go-at-your-own pace curriculum provide wonderful options for
accelerated learning.

Our teachers and staff work with students proactively to intervene quickly when pacing, attendance, or grades slip.
Our Concept Coaches are available on-demand via live chat software to help struggling students to grasp particular
topics. If you plan to go to a four-year college or enter the military, please know that we are accredited by Cognia. Our course catalog covers a
wide range of subjects including foreign language, career, and elective courses.

Giant Campus is committed to understanding you. We know that getting an education isn’t easy, but working with your
school to do so should be. We are ready to answer any questions you have before, during, or after enrolling with us,
and we look forward to providing you (or your student) with a diploma at the end of your journey.

Thank you again for visiting with us, and we wish you all the best in your academic pursuits.

General Policies

Add or Drop Classes

Students may enroll in as few or as many classes as they wish and may add or drop them at any time. Additional tuition fees may be required to add classes and no refunds are given for dropped classes after the initial fifteen days of enrollment in Giant Campus Academy.

Students with Disabilities

Students with any disability which may impair his or her ability to successfully complete a course should contact the Giant Campus Academy staff. Academic accommodations are granted for all students who have qualified, documented disabilities, and decisions are determined on an individual basis.

Student Withdrawal Policies

15-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you find the programs and courses to be unsatisfactory during the first 15-days, Giant Campus Academy will offer a full refund of all initial payments minus any non-refundable application fees. Notification must be made to the office of Giant Campus Academy before the 15-day period ends and must be done by speaking with a school representative during office hours. After the 15-day period, no refunds will be made.

Withdrawal After 15 Days

After 15-days, the student may withdraw at any time. If the student is on the unlimited course plan with monthly payments, all future payments will be canceled and access to the student’s courses will end on the date the next payment would have been due. If the student has paid in full for courses, no refunds will be given for any tuition amounts already paid. If a student is making monthly payments on individual courses, the total balance due must be paid before the student may cancel the account, in this case, courses will remain open to the student until they are completed and/or full payment is received.

To withdraw, the student must speak with a school representative during office hours. Please do not make withdrawal requests through mail, voice-mail, email, or fax.