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Consumer Science Online Classes


The Consumer Science courses are offered as upper-level high school courses to help graduating students understand their roles in a professional environment, teach financial responsibility, and educate them regarding workplace practices. Students will learn valuable career skills, such as preparing a resume, interpersonal relationships at work, professional communication, time management, and personal economic responsibilities.

Personal Finance (Consumer Skills)

In this introductory finance course, learn what it takes to understand the world of finance and make informed decisions about managing finances. Whether learning more about economics or becoming more confident in setting and researching financial goals, this course helps to develop the core skills needed to be successful. Learn how to open bank accounts, invest money, apply for loans, apply for insurance, explore careers, manage business finances, make decisions about major purchases, and more. Get inspired by stories from finance professionals and individuals who have reached their financial goals.

Career Planning and Development

This one-semester course for upper-level high school students introduces them to the working world. Divided into four units, the course helps students investigate careers as they apply to personal interests and abilities, develop skills and job search documents needed to enter the workforce, explore the rights of workers and traits of effective employees, and address the importance of professionalism and responsibility as careers change and evolve. A self-assessment profile, a cover letter, and a résumé are created and can be used by students in their educational or career portfolio.