A Fully Accredited Online High School


Student Records

Permanent Record

The school maintains a permanent record for each student which includes subjects taken, grades or an achievement evaluation, and units of credit. When applicable, records concerning standardized test scores, health information, Individual Education Plans (IEP), and behavioral records will also be included. This record is confidential and open to parental inspection upon request. When students transfer out of Giant Campus Academy, this record will be sent to the new school upon request.

School Transcripts of Credit Earned

The school maintains a transcript of all classes attempted and completed through Giant Campus Academy. Transcripts may also include credits transferred from other educational institutions. In order to receive a copy of the transcript, the student or parent/guardian must complete a transcript request form. The request will be filled within five to seven days. Giant Campus Academy is willing to provide five transcripts free of charge. For any additional transcripts, a small fee may be applied.

Repeating a Class

Student’s who receive a failing grade in any course at Giant Campus Academy may retake the same class, or an equivalent, and receive the higher score as a permanent grade. If a student transfers credits and then attempts a retake through Giant Campus Academy then both grades will appear on the transcript and will be calculated towards the grade point average (GPA).

Credit Transfer

Credits transferring from other institutions will be evaluated and accepted at the school’s discretion. Generally, credit granted by schools accredited through Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), or equivalent regional accreditation associations, will be accepted. Giant Campus Academy reserves the right to deny the transfer of credits. Credit granted from other institutions or home school instruction may be accepted, but is subject to in-depth review and students will be asked to provide an outline of the topics covered and a report of the assignments and grades given. Students entering ninth grade must submit copies of middle school report cards that may reflect credit granted.