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How Online High School Helps Troubled Students

Posted on by Bryce Bertola

Graduating high school can seem nearly impossible for a teen with disciplinary problems. Out of control students are often suspended, or even expelled, because of their behavior in the classroom. This time away can seriously degrade a students ability to keep up with his class and many students will need to retake the entire semester. An online high school program can keep these teens on track to graduate, and often it can limit the amount of time they spend retaking classes.

Credit Recovery For Rapid Course Advancement

If a student is removed from class midway through the semester, they will most likely lose any credit they may have received for the coursework completed. This can be a disheartening setback for many students, requiring several months of additional schooling.

Many online schools offer a credit recovery program, allowing students to test through the course topics they have already mastered, and then turning their focus on the new concepts. This test-out method helps students receive credit for what they know already, and it provides an opportunity for rapid course advancement.

Open Enrollment and Flexible Class Scheduling

The disciplinary steps leading up to an expulsion or suspension often take weeks, if not months. Because of this, students are rarely removed from classes at the start of the school year, or semester. Instead, students are kicked out during the middle of the semester and have difficulties in finding another school to enroll them on short notice.

Online high school classes are self-paced, and students are allowed to enroll and start classes at any time throughout the semester. The enrollment process takes less than a day, and your academic counselors can provide a personalized graduation plan, so you only take the classes you’re going to need to graduate.

Fully Accredited Diploma and Transfer Credits

You don’t need to start over when you enroll in an accredited online school; you can transfer your current high school credits over, and they will count towards your graduation. Giant Campus Academy is a regionally accredited school, carrying the same type of accreditation as your local public schools. As such, your credits can transfer back and forth between your local school, and they will all count towards your graduation requirements.

Getting kicked out of public school doesn’t have to result in the end of your high school graduation goals. Instead, you should look to a flexible, accredited alternative that can get you back on track to graduate. Recover your lost high school credits and take courses at your own pace with the Accredited Online High School from Giant Campus Academy.

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