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Online High School Prepares Students for the Digital Age

Posted on by Bryce Bertola

Society has charged into the 21st century but traditional schools have sadly lagged behind. Many schools are still tied to outdated systems of learning, which hold kids back. Many parents have opted to turn to online high schools to give their kids superior educational opportunities.

Do you remember penmanship exercises? Children were instructed to practice writing printed and later cursive letters for hours on end. After mastering handwriting kids moved onto spelling drills and typing class. Over the last two decades neat handwriting, memorization, and flawless typewriting skills have become less important. Personal computers and the internet have fundamentally changed the way we communicate and learn. Unfortunately many public schools have missed the message because many of those old skills are still being emphasized and technical instruction is often segregated to the list of elective classes. Online high school offers an alternative that tech savvy students and their parents want.

The concept of online education is not new. Back in the mid-1980s American author and political scientist Harvey Wheeler advocated learning on the internet. Wheeler, best known as the co-author of the popular cold war novel Fail-Safe, suggested that on-line high schools could even the playing field and offer every American child an affordable high quality education. He wrote books and articles encouraging educators to embrace the internet highway, but administrators kept their schools in the parking lot. A few forward thinking educators embraced technological innovations and created unique approaches for learning.

Today many public school systems offer limited opportunities for students to utilize and master technology, however online high schools embrace all the different aspects and advantages of internet learning. Since the computer is their window to the classroom, they build computer competency while they master English, math, history, and science.

Homeschool high school student uses a computer like their public school counterparts use pens and notebooks. Classes are individually designed for each pupil. Schedules are created to include required prerequisite courses and optional classes. Computer courses are usually popular. Since accredited online high schools are not tied to school schedules and assigned time slots, students can take their time to learn important technical skills. There’s no lab monitor to ring the bell and say times up. Taking away time constraints also reduces stress. When individuals are given time to understand and explore new concepts, technology doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

These technological advantages aren’t limited to computer courses or Internet mastery. Science labs can use cutting edge equipment such as electron microscopes and offer the eager biology students the opportunity to view slides virtually and discover just how exciting technology can be. The Internet also makes the world smaller, so homeschool high school students can use technology to explore the world.

Assignments are designed to utilize technology and offer students skills they can immediately use when they finish high school. When a high school diploma is earned online, future employers know the high school graduate can do more than play games on the computer. They have a solid foundation to move ahead in this digital age.

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